Who are Katy Tech Entrepreneurs?
We are a community of tech start-ups in Katy, Texas that seeks to support people, processes and resources needed to grow and propel Technology-based businesses in the following areas: Software Product Engineering; Software-Hardware-Electronics; Alternative Energy.
Speaker Series: Come listen to how these founders have grown their ideas into Thriving Startup Businesses; and tips for growing your own startup. For details of meeting times and dates of each session, access Meetup.com Note: Austin, Texas based speakers will be connected via Skype utilizing the Cinco Ranch Public Library conference room audio-visual facilities. These are open forum meetings that are free to the public.

Raj Metha

Topic: Become a Lazy and Successful Entrepreneur!

Next meeting: Dec 14, 2011, sign up today!

Being lazy and being a successful entrepreneur are generally not well correlated. Images of entrepreneurs toiling away in their basements for months are common. No one talks about virtues of being lazy.

What if someone suggested to you that being lazy is a reliable path to entrepreneurial success? Would you believe it? This talk will help you discover how laziness can help you super focus your efforts and reliably succeed.


ClikServ is a web services company that helps online publishers sell their creative products such that their audience find fair and convenient. It helps publishers experiment with various business models at zero up-front cost. A publisher can enable paid content in a matter of a few hours without any programming needed.

Breanne Hull
Founder and CEO

Topic: How to Make Money Following Your Passion

Past meeting: Dec 05, 2011, view meeting notes

Do you have a hobby that makes your heart skip a beat when you think about it? Do you find yourself sitting in your cubicle, dreaming of doing something that means more to you? Can you pivot your life in a new direction without turning the whole thing on its head? In this session, we'll explore the ups and downs of finding and following your passion, and learn ways to do it without quitting your job and draining your precious savings.


Recently honored as a finalist for the 2011 Austin Business Journal's Tech Innovation Award, Educlone is an Austin, TX-based online learning company that allows people to create their own interactive, engaging, online training. Educlone helps teachers spend more one-on-one time with students, enables life coaches and content experts to earn money while transferring their skills to the masses, and helps businesses cut training expenses by up to 80% while increasing employee productivity. Learn more at http://www.educlone.com/.

Nathn Green

Topic: Secret Weapon for Small Business Success - Student Talent!

Past meeting: Oct 27, 2011, view meeting notes

What if you could count on lower-cost, high energy, well educated talent all year to grow your business? Attendees of this session will learn how to build an annual internship program at your company so you can count on student and recent grad talent all year to perform 10 common tasks across all small businesses. Help a student develop their business skills while developing your business - one of the few win-win opportunities available to all.


campus2careers is the fastest growing entry-level job board in the country and the first site to match students/recent grads with internships, part-time, and full-time jobs at small to mid-sized businesses (the employers who don't recruit on campus). The site reduces the time, cost and guesswork in recruiting, while improving retention. It has been called the lovechild of Monster and Match. Go to www.campus2careers.com for more information.

Elizabeth Quintanilla
EQ Consultants Group

Topic: How to Guerilla/Viral Market when you are not sure what you are marketing (yet)?

We're all familiar with a startup headaches: Great IDEA but no budget for strategic marketing but we need to get some brand recognition and the ever coveted referral. Yet, how do we get them to know us .. yes - Guerilla/Viral Marketing .. that social media thing .. We try it but wait there is that Lean Startup .. it's time to pivot .. we are now a "Cloud INSERT ANYTHING HERE" and not a "Network INSERT ANYTHING HERE" ...Stop being a hamster in a plastic ball .. learn some tips and ideas from EQ through an Interactive discussion aimed to help you explore your personal branding and social media presence and how it is working (or not working) for your business. Elizabeth is fond of saying that "Social Media is not marketing but marketing does use Social Media".


EQ Consultants Group is Elizabeth Quintanilla's Private Marketing Practice which is a certified by the City of Austin as a Genuine Marketing Gunslinger, WBE, MBE, and DBE. She listens to her client's customer pains and creates methodical solutions focused on their marketing needs. She often collaborates with others on solving bigger complex biz challenges such as with all her partners at LGE Execs. Elizabeth actively serves as a City of Austin Commissioner on the Austin Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission. Previously, Elizabeth has volunteered as a Board Member of ProductCamp Austin and a Social Media Ambassador for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC).

Arthur Chong

Topic: The Role of Technology in Marketing Startups

The role of Technology in marketing startups in our global economy has never been more important. Marketing a startup company's product or services in a world where large corporations pour millions into gaining mind share conjures the scene of David and Goliath. Can Marketing Technology really counter this imbalance for a Startup?


Alpha Cares was founded with a deep desire to make a difference in the ever-growing child care sector. Our mission is to provide effective web technologies to our clients, build and maintain communication channels. Create a superb product that offers a seamless transition so that our clientele can focus on their daily operations in the child care industry.

Open To The Public

As a community interest group, Katy Tech Entrepreneurs is open to anyone who is interested to participate. We utilize Meetup.com as a primary means of publishing our meeting schedules.