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Saves you time, really!

 Auto-Invoicing™ - Automatic Invoices, Automatic Tuition Billing

Makes your work-load lighter by automatically invoicing all families. Automatically calculates last week's attendance for invoice price OR bill ahead for the week. Either way, Alpha Cares automaticially generates and invoices families - saves you time! [view demo]

Easily connect with Parents

 Automatic Emails, Automatic 5-day Weather forecasts for parents

Stay connected with your parents-guardians! Not only does it automatically send the 5-day weather forecast; you can optionally compose a newsletter to inform them of upcoming events such as field trips, picture-taking day, or other important events. Stay connected and in touch - we supply everything you need to get started![view demo]

Your day just got less busy

 Dashboard - Today's Reminders at-a-glance

This is the heart of the Alpha Cares management software. From the dashboard, you can quickly identify pertinent information to better serve your center - late payments, immunization schedules/birthdays, and upcoming events on the calendar. [view demo]

One click, and done

 Events Calendar - Schedule and Plan Center activities

Easily keep track of birthdays, holidays, school holidays and other events happening within your child care center such as picture-taking day and field trips. [view demo]

Safe and secure

 Family Data - Guardian and Child Information

Today's families often include step-parents, half siblings and step siblings. Instantly view family information and keep track of these important family dynamics via our Family Data module. Photographs of each family member can be uploaded to assist staff with identification purposes. [view demo]

Simply easier

 Attendance Solutions - "One-click Attendance" or Barcoded Time-clock

Allows you to record and update daily, weekly or even monthly attendance records with just one click. This feature works in tandem with every other service - including billing and accounting. If you regularly report information to government bodies, simply print out the data and presto - you have a professional form with accurate data ready for submission. [view demo]

All demo videos are available at our demo page.

Went to Dashboard and there it was!

"I've always had to scramble to find out who's running late with payments or which child's immunizations were due - until I subscribed to Alpha Cares ... now all that information is there at-a-glance!"

Always Connected to Parents

The option to "create custom message" from the Connections module is reliable and essentially hassle-free is a godsend. With the automated weather forecast emails, parents feel even more connected with us - without lifting a finger - thank you Alpha Cares!