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An increasing number of parents prefer a more formal setting and believe that it provides a better foundation for children before they begin traditional schooling. Demand for child care centers and preschool facilities will also increase as the number of dual income families grow. Alpha Cares helps Child Care Centers Automate repetive tasks, connect with parents and work smarter to Grow their businesses!

Alpha Cares Sales Potential

Census Population Breakdown:

  • Population Estimate: 313 million in 2012
  • Persons under 5 years old: 6.9% i.e. 21 million
  • Persons under 18 years old: 24.3% i.e. 74 million

Child Care Stats: Sources: NARA, NCCIC, gov site

  • Estimated Number of Pre-K and K students enrolled in public schools: 2006 4.6 million – estimated present year 2010: 5 million
  • Student to teacher ratio: say average 20 to 1 means we need over 250,000 educators and care givers. (does not account for toddler or baby care which is more easily like 5 to 1 ratio.)
  • Estimated number of licensed Child Care Facilities: 335,520 in 2005 => over 385,000 in 2010 (15% growth)
  • We performed a survey and determined that more than 25% of these facilities still need proper Child Care Management Software. This implies that over 96,250 child care facilities are potential customers.
  • Assuming another 5-10% would like to switch from their existing child care software due to cost or aged, non-supported vendors implies another 38,500 potential customers.
  • That's an overall total of 130,000+ Child Care facilities that are potential Alpha Cares customers!

Process To Close a Sale

Database of Sales Leads - Already Developed

  • Determine principal of Center at recent ATi Seminar (information provided)
  • Compile phone and email contact information
  • Call to ensure Email will be received
  • Send Email voucher with Free 15-day Trial link
  • Follow Up using CRM contact manager/scheduler
  • Watch Sales Commissions Report for your earned sales!

Opportunity limited only by your ability to sell!

  • There will be a training and qualification period for your work with Alpha Cares
  • Sales Training will take place at Alpha Cares Bissonnet offices (see address below)
  • After you have been trained, you will be issued accounts to utility software used in the sales process.
  • This allows you to track your customer sales trials and subsequent subscriptions.
  • URL to Introductory Video:
  • Customer Survey:

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Company Overview

Alpha Cares started with a sincere desire to make a difference in the ever-growing child care sector. We have developed a revolutionary approach that helps eliminate frustrations and uncertainty associated with the child care business, especially in the area of business logistics. We help our clients to Automate. Connect. Work Smarter!

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Contact Us

Preferred style of communications is through Email. Alpha Cares Associates can always be reached online!

Main Office: 9898 Bissonnet Street,
Suite 430-N, Houston, Texas 77036
Mailing: 104 Industrial Blvd. Suite A ,
Sugar Land, Texas 77478 (ATi offices)
Toll Free: 1.888.669.5671
Main Line: 713.966.9308
Sales Line: 281.886.7217
Support Line: 281.978.2756