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If you are a child care provider, you know the daily obstacles that come along with caring for children while juggling the legalities and financial aspects of your business. Every child care provider makes a long lasting impact on a child through their early growing years.


“Our passion is to see you become among the most nurturing and productive Child Care providers in the industry!”


Alpha Cares is making a difference in the ever-growing child care sector. We have developed a revolutionary approach that helps eliminate frustrations and uncertainty associated with the child care business, especially in the area of business logistics. Our dedicated team took this vision of how software technology could positively impact child care providers. What evolved was Alpha Cares and its powerful, yet easy to use program that is both user-friendly and affordable; we are already established in 33 cities / 17 states across the country. It’s our belief we’ve taken online child care management to the next level. Based in Texas, Alpha Cares has redefined the way this industry handles the intricacies involved with high quality and nurturing child care.


The Alpha Cares Mission Statement


“Provide effective web technologies to our clients, build and maintain communication channels. Create a superb product that offers a seamless transition so that our clientele can focus on their daily operations in the child care industry.”

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