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In a previous post, we mentioned how social networking can really benefit your small child care center.  Parents, generally speaking, like the idea of updates being posted from time to time during the day.  Most parents also like the idea of seeing photos uploaded to your day care center’s Facebook page during the course of a day or even just occasionally.  It’s just a great way for Mom and Dad to stay connected to some degree during their work days.

That said, we also mentioned the importance of never assuming every parent is OK with his or her child’s picture being posted online in any capacity.  That’s why it’s so important to have a waiver on file for each child (remember – each child; not each parent – there’s potentially a big distinction here).  But what exactly would you put on a waiver?  What kind of information should be included?  We here at Alpha Cares have been doing our homework and straight from the experts themselves, this is what we’ve discovered.  Below you’ll find an easy–to-create form that will protect you, your business and those precious little ones left in your care.  Remember that if any parent objects, it’s your responsibility to ensure no image – even if the child is in the background – is ever posted online.

Most forms have a title similar to:  Photo, Voice, Website, Video Permission Form

It’s important to memorialize this with a date


I/We hereby consent to allow the use of voice, video, image or likeness in photographs and/or video for my child(ren):  (Enter each child’s name)

1.       ______________________

2.       ______________________

3.       ______________________

by _______________________________________ (Your business name)

The permission for use of any of the media above is allowed for (Circle all that apply):

  • Newsletters
  • Business Flyers
  • Facebook
  • Company Website
  • Video by a third party (such as filming for a television commercial)
  • Outgoing messages on answering machines and/or voice mail

I understand this Waiver is in effect until I provide, in writing, a cease order.  I/We also agree to forego any right or entitlement I/We might have to any compensation or fees, except for a waiver fee of one dollar ($1.00).

Finally, I/We agree that I/We am/are the legal guardian(s) of the above named children.


Parent/Guardian Signature                Date

As you can see, it’s a relatively simple form to put together, but it’s crucial for those day care providers and child care centers to ensure they are not leaving any vulnerabilities.  Have any thoughts on this?  Drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you and how your daycare facility handles these matters.

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